WA Church People from all walks of life. The Bible says that God is no respecter of a person’s status, and neither are we.
There will be heartfelt praise and worship, prayer for special needs, and a message from Pastor followed by a time to respond at the altar. When service is over you can expect people to hang around for a bit to fellowship with one another.

What to Wear?

We aren’t concerned with what you are wearing, we’re just glad you’ve chosen to worship with us. You will probably see people wearing everything from Sunday best to casual attire.

What’s Going On?

We have found that Jesus Christ is not ashamed of us, so we have determined to not be ashamed of Him. This is why you will see us lift our hands or close our eyes from time to time as we worship.
We believe worship is more than a state of mind, it is an act to be engaged in. Respond however you’re comfortable, we just want you to feel free to do so.

 What About My Kids?

At Word Aflame we believe in kids. At this time we have age appropriate classes on Sunday mornings our children. On Wednesday evenings the greatest kids choir will generally start off our service then they are dismissed to go to KidzNight in the fellowship hall.